Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlie the jumping mule

Remember Jennibray?  

My friend Trisha saw the blog post about her and was immediately reminded of her husband's grandmother Elizabeth (Libby) Swift and her jumping mule, Charlie.
Trisha writes: Libby would enter this mule and compete against warmbloods and beat all of them. Eventually the shows banned mules (wonder why?) so Libby had her OWN shows (and still won). Charlie was so much a part of Libby's life--we have photos of Charlie IN the house when Libby had guests over.  
Although neither of these pictures are dated, they're probably from the late 1940's or early 1950's.  Thanks so much to Trish for sharing--I love your grandmother-in-law's jumping mule!

P.S. Sorry about the recent lack of posts.  I caught James' stomach bug and it's been a rough couple of days.


  1. Oh that first photo's BRILLIANT!
    Just goes to show that Mules really can do anything!
    I hope you're not feeling too bad with the stomach bug - I've unfortunately had my fair share of them over the last few years so I can sympathise!

  2. What awesome photos! I LOVE them!!! There was a mule named Molly (I think) that was banned from the dressage ring many years back because she was tearing up the warmbloods. I'll have to google her to see if I can back up my story. Mules are so awesome - and too smart for me! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story - I'm loving the grin on Mrs. Swift's face in the photos!

  3. Love the photo of Libby Swift. Both shots were taken at her Arrow S Ranch now known as the Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park located in Norco. California - Horsetown USA!