Thursday, August 26, 2010

Small order fatigue

In the past four days I have made one martingale, three curb straps, two pairs of boots,three complicated girths,
and a bridle.
That equates to four boxes of tack being shipped to four different states. I feel accomplished... and exhausted!

In some ways small orders are easier than large orders. Most obviously, they take less time. In fact, my definition of a small order is something I can make comfortably in a day or less. That alone makes small orders pretty rewarding. However, after four straight days of small orders I can also say that they tend to be exasperating. Most small orders involve lots of straps and buckles and keepers. They're fiddle-y and tax my patience and don't usually pay very well. I make a lot more per hour on saddles than I ever will on boots.

I've mostly enjoyed my week of small orders, but it's safe to say that I'm looking forward to tackling a bigger project--or two!--next week.


  1. I'm still up for trading if you want to make something that isn't an English saddle ☺. Small orders might make you a little frazzled but you do make beautiful boots, girths and other odds and ends ☺

  2. Do you need any ideas for bigger projects? ;)

  3. Ha ha ha. You guys are SO funny! I do have enough big projects to keep me busy for the next month or two. It's a love/hate thing with the small orders. Sending out four boxes of tack in one week makes me feel very, very accomplished but there really is a fatigue factor. I was fine yesterday, but today it got to me!

    Anne, your emails were among the group that got purged. I definitely would like to trade for some more dolls, but I no longer have the saddle picture. *Sigh* It's so frustrating when things like that happen!

  4. There is NOTHING small about bridles. Except for the physical space the consume. Blargh. I dislike making strap goods about as much as you do. Boots, well, 50/50. Depends on the type, some are faster to assemble no matter what.

    You are doing far better than I. I started a saddle last night, one that is already cut and dyed... Only managed to slick the edges of the flaps and the jockeys, and started the seat.

  5. Hey! The bridle looks great! Love the reins, too. I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person. Thanks again for fitting it into your other orders! :)

    I still can't believe how quickly you finished all that stuff! Sheesh. I'd be totally wiped out if I tried that. When I build a jump, I'm lucky if I finish it in under a month.

  6. Is that a saddleseat girth? It sure is nice!
    I got my standing martingale and flag holder yesterday - thanks so much! Will put both to good use soon!