Saturday, August 28, 2010

German Modelpferdfest

German Breyerfest Show Report
by Erin Corbett

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the "German Breyerfest" last weekend in Bensheim, Germany. To clarify, this show is not sponsored by Breyer - Germany has a dealer that works with Breyer each year for the show, and Breyer sends a few models for the raffle, as well as some sort of SR that is given to the exhibitors with our 80 euro entry fee. This year they sent the Web SR from 2008, Riley. If you are not an OF person, you could opt to get a SR Mini resin by Brigitte Eberl! I chose that guy. He's so feisty!
Speaking of Eberls, Brigitte came to the show while we were on lunch. Everybody was locked out of the show hall while she set up a sales table. People started lining up outside the doors towards the end of the lunch break - it started to remind me a little bit of some of the lines in Kentucky, ha! Being a real model horse person, I saw a line and got in it. I was part of the first rush to her table, and got to dig through a box of resin seconds that were really marked down. Unfortunately I did not have the spending cash to really pick up any of them, but next year I will be more prepared, because there were some deals to be had on sold out resin editions!

The format of this show was the closest to an American show that I have experienced thus far. The divisions were judged by one designated person each, which I LOVED. I certainly think there is a place for the more informal judging system of having the entrants judge the classes they are not entered in, but for a big show with this level of competition, I don't think it would have been appropriate.

The eye candy was fantastic! I saw so many horses I would have loved to take home with me. (note from
Jennifer: I don't know who did the customizing on this Copra mare, but I love, love, LOVE her!)For my own results, my horses did well! It looked like the classes were only placed from 1st to 3rd place, because that is all the awards that were laid down after each class. I just discovered though, upon getting the e-mailed results, that the classes were actually placed to sixth, but there was just no designation for those placings at the show. So, I had a lot more placed horses than I thought I did! The big winner of the day was my Knightly Cadence, ES Granite, painted by Carol Williams. He won his class, then was Champion AR, then won the Overall Champion of Show cup. Good boy!
I also got firsts and seconds in performance with tack I made, which is always a thrill.
All in all it was a really fun day, and I will really be trying to get back again next year. None of it would have been possible without my good friend Melanie Knuettel, who invited me to stay with her and her family, and allowed the stuffing of her Civic with boxes to within an inch of its life.
Thank you so much, Erin, for the report and pictures. For those of you who don't know, Erin is an extremely talented Western tackmaker. The "Tacky Tack" saddle pictured in this post is for sale on MH$P . You can also view a gallery of Erin's recent work on her website.