Monday, August 30, 2010

Playing dress-up

It's official--barring any last minute disasters, I will be attending the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show in Grand Lake, Colorado on September 11. This may be my last chance to show performance until next May so I've decided to do something unusual for me--I'm actually going to prepare my entries ahead of time.

To that end, I spent most of this morning playing dress-up. Both Emma and White Trash Girl look smashing in my Margaret Teller saddles. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find Emma's rider yet. I know she's around here somewhere!
I was really, really hoping that Emma would be able to wear my Susan Bensema Young bosal. Sadly, that's not going to happen. Emma's shnoz is much too big! Her legs are also too thick for all my boots. Hmm, perhaps this will be another small order week...
Here's the English tack and rider assignments. Thankfully there are no fit issues with the saddles, but both critters need bridles. Trashy borrowed Adonis' bridle for the Redline Revival show, but it really wasn't a great fit. If she's going to NAN, she deserves to have a bridle of her own.
Aside from tack, I also have props to make and documentation to produce. Whew! There's a lot that goes into being organized. Who knew?


  1. LMK if I can help you with any of that stuff :)

  2. I am actually trying to get through an entire show without having to ask anyone for help. Heck, I might even remember to make my own bridle numbers this time! Of course, if I fail to achieve this goal, you know you'll be the first person I call on. :)

  3. What fun! I wish I lived in your area for model horse shows - have a good time!

  4. You're always welcome to raid the tack box Jennifer!