Monday, August 2, 2010

Kellye's non-NAN pictures

As most of you know, I don't really collect OF models anymore. However, I make exceptions every now and then. I have been so looking forward to the new Eberl mare and foal pair. My personal copies haven't arrived yet, but my friend Kellye Bussey was kind enough to send pictures of the foal in his BCS halter.
In truth, I made that halter for a Stone Arab yearling so it's just a touch big, but it still looks pretty cute. Just for fun, here's another picture with the mare as well. She's wearing a bridle by Corinne Ensor.
Many thanks to Kellye for the pictures and even greater thanks (in advance!) to Tiffany for the models. Can't wait to tack them up!


  1. Are those in plastic? Or are they still the porcelain? -Margaret

  2. They're plastic and they are a bit bigger than the original porcelain versions. According to Kellye, the mare wears regular traditional sized saddles and small traditional bridles. I think she'll be a fun performance horse and the customizing options are unlimited! :)

  3. Awesome, going to have to get my hand on a pair! I have one of the original porcelain Gizelle's, and she's a cutie. But I always hoped she'd come out in plastic since they are so much easier to do things with!