Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Modelpferdfest pictures

I spent most of yesterday laid up with a nasty stomach bug. I'm feeling better now but am still a bit puny. Fortunately, I don't have to think much for today's post. These pictures are courtesy of Erin Corbett and were taken at last weekend's Modelpferdfest in Blensheim, Germany.I love the tack on this Kara Kush resin.
This is Sahran, an Echo Magnifficoo resin sculpted by Debbi Lermond with a twitched ear by Sarah Rose. He is owned by Erin and is wearing a costume by Jennifer Wilson.
Erin's other LerMond Arab, Ysatis, is shown wearing another Jennifer Wilson costume. Erin won this costume in a raffle--lucky girl!
A lovely natural trail set-up with Australian tack.
Times two!
Parade. I wouldn't have thought to use a saddleseat rider on a Western parade saddle but they look really nice together!
Super, duper sidesaddle jumping entry with an Eberl Jumping Nancy resin.
Another view, this time with a rosette!
Here's another one of Erin's entries. This Utopia resin was painted by Tracy Eilers and wears tack by Jennifer Kistler.
Erin's Vertical Limit, also painted by Tracy. I made the tack and Melanie Miller built the jump.
Erin's Knightly Cadence showing in Western trail.
And last but not least is Erin's Rose Reiner in Reined Cowhorse. The horse was painted by Melanie Miller, Anne Field dressed the doll and Erin made the tack.
If that's not enough performance pictures for you, be sure to check out Tiffany Purdy's blog. Apparently, I am going to NAN next year whether I want to or not!


  1. Hope your tummy feels better today!

    All the tack is great but the rolling horse really wins my heart. I have so been there!

    I'm becoming a huge fan of Erin's and it's great to see her stuff in action.

  2. How fun! Besides my great love of performance photos I love the surprise of spotting a doll I've made! The gal in the red shirt on the Rose reiner in the reined cowhorse set-up was the Stacy Westfall doll I made awhile back for the cover of JAH.

  3. Erin's tack has always been good, but her recent stuff is just *spectacular*! I already own one of her saddles and am working towards securing a second for next year's NAN.

    Anne, I've edited the post to reflect your contribution to the Rose Reiner entry. That's a really nice doll on a really nice saddle on a really nice horse! :)

  4. Thanks guys, wow! *blush*

    Anne, I bought that dolls from you off of MH$P right after she was on the JAH cover! I love my Mini Stacy, she is one of my best sitting dolls.

  5. Yes, you are :D I'll happily help Tiffany in that pursuit :)

  6. Beautiful!