Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new mule

The Western Performance pictures from the Redline Revival Show will have to wait for another day. Today, I'd rather share more photos of my super cute new mule resin.

Longtime readers might remember that I won this model in Melanie Miller's Blog Contest way back in November 2008. My first thought was to have her painted chestnut like the real Jasmine. That changed, however, when I spotted this beautiful mule in the warm up ring at the 2009 National Western Stock Show Mule and Draft Show.
I knew right away that this would be a perfect color for my Jasmine resin.
I took lots of pictures form every angle and sent them and the mule to my friend, Tiffany Purdy.
Tiffany has a whole shelf of my unpainted resins in her basement, so I don't expect anything to come back quickly. That's fine. I never mind waiting...
I am willing to wait years for things that come back looking like this!
Squee--look at those head spots! This mule is just too darn cute.
Mucho thanks to both Melanie and Tiffany. I couldn't be happier with my new mule.


  1. I love her, thanks for sharing! :-D

  2. Oh, yum! She looks great!
    My Jasmine is pinto too!

  3. That is simply beautiful! Perfect choice of color, and wonderfully painted.

  4. My fave mule :) And considering I do NOT do longears, that's saying something :)

  5. Thanks everyone. It's so nice when a commission turns out *exactly* right. I can't wait to show her!