Sunday, August 15, 2010

The best kind of tired

Long time no post--for me anyway!

My big model horse weekend was every bit as fun as I'd anticipated. However, it definitely took its toll on mundane things like blogging and sleeping. Here's the short recap before I go pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Despite flying in on Friday the Thirteenth, Tiffany arrived safe and sound.
She didn't come empty-handed. I knew about some of the goodies...
but this was a complete surprise!
The Redline Revival Performance Show on Saturday was small and typically Colorado with competition that was more friendly than fierce. I only showed in the English division, but still managed to pick up a nice little stack of NAN cards including these three with my newest performance critter.After the show a group of us headed down the road to Karen Gerhardt's beautiful Boulder home where we spent time visiting with The Boyz...
and exploring her studio.
I think I've talked more in the last three days than I have in the last three weeks! This has been such a great weekend and there will be lots more pictures in the days to come.


  1. Congratulations on your wins! I love the little Abbie that Tiffany brought you, that was very thoughtful ☺

  2. Hi Anne, some of those congratulations go out to you as well. One of those NAN cards came in the Other English class and your casual English doll was a major part of my set-up!

  3. oooh...I like the head shot of the mule, and you know my feelings on mules :)

    I'll be waiting for photos...cuz, I can't NOT wait for photos. :D

  4. Oh my goodness what a wonderful time! Looking forward to lots more pictures.

  5. Looking forward to more pics! What an adorable Abbie dog.

  6. The portrait dog Tiffany made for you is really nice! Love the mule, too. :)

    Lookin forward to the show pictures!