Friday, August 27, 2010

Productive but non-producing

Summer vacation is over and Braymere Custom Saddlery is back in business. It's so nice to send the kids off to school in the morning and know that I have six and a half uninterrupted hours of studio time. Most of that time is spent making tack, of course, but occasionally I take a day off to concentrate on other parts of the business. Today has been one of those productive but non-producing days.

The first item on my agenda was cleaning my workbench. After four straight days of small orders, the usable portion of my desk had shrunk down to just a tiny area.
What a difference! Aside from the obvious cleaning and straightening, I also did a lot of organizing. Everything is in its place, and I've made a list of items that need to be purchased next time I go to the hobby store.
In addition to cleaning, I packed and mailed two boxes, answered a lot of emails and started research on my next project. None of these things are particularly exciting, but they're still an important part of my business. It's worth taking a day every now and then to make sure they get done properly!


  1. Well, your work space definitely looks much improved! I love that brief feeling of relief when a project, (or series of them), are finished and all the tools and supplies can be put away.

    And then, BAM! The mess is back, lol.

  2. The mess never stays gone long, that's for sure!

    I usually clean up between projects, but with the small orders I was just rolling from one to the next. My work space kept getting smaller and smaller and maybe that's why I got so burned out yesterday. Now that the space is all clean and inviting I can't wait to make something new!

  3. It is AMAZING how much having a clean work space can influence the creative process! I did some tidying yesterday, but need to do a lot more today - I had a box explosion from all the things coming for the big show last weekend... now I need to figure out how to store bubble wrap and empty boxes in a room with no closets. Hmm...