Saturday, July 31, 2010

Karen's NAN pictures

Today's NAN photos come from Karen Meekma. This was her first NAN but you would never know that from the results. She won the Huntseat Pleasure--Other Type class with Leavum Zipped...and also took the Reserve with Snickers.
Here's Leavum Zipped again, this time winning a Top Ten in English Arena Trail. Leavum Zipped is a Kitty Cantrell Nocturno resin customized and painted by Liesl Dalpe. His doll was dressed by Sheri Wirtz and his tack was made by me.
Snickers also competed in English Arena Trail. Snickers is a Kitty Cantrell Caliope resin customized and painted by Lyn Norbury. Once again, the doll is by Sheri Wirtz and the tack is by me.
The performance classes at this year's NAN were tough. Karen's EJ II resin didn't win a ribbon, but he still looks pretty amazing in this show jumping setup. The horse was painted by Kathy McKenzie, Sheri Wirtz dressed the doll, I made the tack and Karen and her husband built the jump.
Karen was back on Original Finish day with her Stone Factory Custom Palouse called Fairly Rude. This model earned a Top Ten in OF Huntseat Pleasure...
and OF Other English.
Thanks for the pictures Karen and congratulations on all your good placings!


  1. What lovely displays and lovely models! I think their jumper set up was VERY nice, so it makes me wonder what the rest of the class looked like! I like the originality of the wings they made.

    I really, really like her Snickers model in particular. Super nice.

    I bet she could do some really lovely pictures with these guys; the horses, dolls and tack are so realistic.

  2. I wonder if leaving the doll off would have helped that jumper? It's a lovely doll, but it's so hard to get them into anything resembling a correct position that they sometimes hurt more than they help.

  3. As always, it comes down to whatever else is on the table, and I think in this case, there was a lot of really amazing stuff on the table. If you're interested you can see pictures of the custom/resin Showjumping champ and reserve here.

  4. What wonderful pictures!

    I've heard a lot about these types of shows but never actually been to one. The jumper model is really flashy.