Friday, June 11, 2010

NAN Auction sneak peek

For the third consecutive year, my friend Jane Schneider and I are donating a "just add horse" tack and doll set to the NAN auction. Our previous sets have been dressage and endurance themed. This year, we're going with a mounted police package.The tack will include two bridles (one with a riot shield, one without), a pair of boots, a breastplate and this endurance type English saddle.
Time permitting, I also hope to make some saddle bags.
Progress on this set has been slow, but it is beginning to come together. Watch this space for pictures of the finished package within the next week or two.


  1. Don't forget Jerry Lynn Rice! I saw a preview of the wooden crowd control barrier that will go with the package. It looked great!

    Doll progress slowed down when I was sick for the last ten days but I'm working again and hope to finish the two helmets in the next couple days. I plan to add removable knee protectors too.

  2. Oh, I did forget about Jerry Lynn's contribution!!! In my defense, I haven't actually had any direct communication with her about that, but still... Bad Jennifer!

    I just discovered that I don't have the bits I need for the bridles so I will be pushing right up against that deadline. Oh, why is everything so complicated!?


  3. Will you be at this year's Breyerfest?

  4. Thought I would start on having a look through some of your older posts, this saddle is amazing!! The lines across the seat look really good! I'm guessing the effect is meant to give the rider a bit more grip??