Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brian Lebel's Old West Show & Auction

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent most of Saturday morning at Brian Lebel's Cody Old West Show and Auction which was held at the Denver Merchandise Mart Expo in Denver, Colorado. This was the show's second year in Colorado, having moved here in 2009 after nineteen years in Cody, Wyoming. I hadn't gone to last year's event and didn't know what to expect, but I figured it ought to be worth the five dollar admission fee.I was right. Just look at what was on display in the very first booth!
Every where I looked, there was something interesting.
There were all sorts of Native American goods and attire.Some were old,
some were new,
and some were still in progress!
Where there's Indians, there's also cowboys and cowboy trappings.
There was a wide variety of cowboy goods including a selection of items from the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum.
Roy and Roy's 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible.
Montie Montana's framed parade outfit.
As I was walking around, it occurred to me that somewhere amongst all this Western memorabilia there had to be at least a Breyer or two. I started my search. Hmmmm.... I don't see any here.
Of course, the main thing I was looking for was tack.
Happily, that was in abundance.
There were lots and lots of saddles.
Once again, some were old...
and some were new!
There were Charro saddles and McClellan saddles.
Navajo saddles...
and Parade saddles.
In fact there were so many wonderful saddles that I simply cannot do them justice with one post. Expect more pictures in the days and weeks to come!


  1. So envious.

    There is never anything like that around here!!!

    Thanks for posting and.....please more!!!

  2. Hi Vicky--I wish you could have come with me! I had fun by myself but it would have been so much better with a friend, especially another tackmaking friend. I am already looking forward to next year's show.

  3. Thanks for sharing - I am also jealous! Looking forward to seeing more pics :)

  4. I am SO FLIPPING JEALOUS that you have stuff like that you can attend without getting on a plane! There were probably more western saddles at that event than exist in my entire country, LOL.