Friday, June 18, 2010

The horse bed

There's no doubt about it, 2010 has been the Year of the House. It seems like every time I turn around there is something big and expensive that needs fixing. First it was the back porch. Then it was the plumbing. Today, I'm getting a new roof.

I had been advised to remove all the pictures from my walls and all the valuables from my shelves in preparation for today's roofing extravaganza. Of course, this meant a lot of models had to find a temporary new home. After some consideration, I decided they would be safest lying on my bed.
My kids usually have little to no interest in my models, but James was intrigued by the sight of them spread out like this. Suddenly he had an overwhelming urge to pick up and inspect every single horse.
He especially liked the ones with writing on their bellies.
This one, my beloved old FAM named Zucchini, doesn't have writing but she does have clothes.
James was impressed when I told him that I have owned Zucchini for more than thirty years!
It was kind of fun sharing my models with James. Maybe I'll have to set up a horse bed more often!


  1. Okaaay... Dad used to do roofing (and many other things) for a living. Not once do I recall anyone being told to move things off the walls, even Grandma who had Waterford crystal in the built in china cabinet! I think I was around James' age when I got to crawl around on that roof :D

  2. I was surprised about that too. I don't remember having to remove things from the wall but it doesn't hurt to do it. Hope the job gets done well and rapidly.

  3. In retrospect, I think all but the tippiest horses would have been ok. We had a few things topple over, but not too many considering. They almost finished up yesterday, but we are expecting someone to come back today for cleanup and truck removal!