Sunday, June 27, 2010

I collect cows

All my life, I've liked talking about horses.

As an adult, I know it's best to save the horse talk for my horsey friends and my blog, but when I was younger, I didn't have the same self control. I would talk about horses to anyone and everyone whether they were interested or not. As you can imagine, this meant my family was forced to listen to a lot of horse talk.

My Dad decided to tackle the problem by talking about cows. It didn't matter that he knew nothing about cows, he would talk about them anyway. If I said there was a new horse at the stable that was a good jumper, he would tell me that cows were better jumpers than horses. After all, a cow jumped over the moon.

This went on for years.

Somewhere along the line, I started giving my Dad cow themed presents for his birthday and Christmas. Over time, he ended up with quite an impressive cow collection.
Given this history, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I also have a cow collection.

It all started innocently enough with this little tied calf from Carol Herden.
Then I decided to get a steer, too, just in case I wanted to set up a team roping entry rather than calf roping entry.
The dodging cows came next because, you know, those are a necessity if you own a cutting horse resin like Whiplash.
Of course, it's better if your cutting horse has a herd of cows behind him. That explains these three.
Carol Herden used to have a booth at the National Western Stock Show, which is where I bought these two. I can't remember which performance class I used to justify their purchase. I think maybe I just wanted them! And it's not just Carol Cows that have found there way into my collection. This "mired cow" was sculpted by Billie Campbell and painted by myself.
I also painted this "versatile roping calf" by Alaina Richardson.
These Breyer cows came with the classic cutting and roping horses. I'm not sure how I ended up with the roping calf as I have never owned that horse.
I even own a few project cows. The big one is missing a leg and an ear. The two little ones just need prepping and paint.
I'm still not sure exactly how this happened, but there's no denying it--I am my father's daughter and I collect cows.



  1. I didn't know some of those existed! I love cows, too and hope to have more someday :-) Congrats to your dad on his birthday!

  2. I really can understand your faible for the cows! I love the cow and calf on the 5th picture! I own two breyer bulls too...

  3. Last count....22 hobby cows, one goat and 3 ewes/1 lamb....

  4. Well, next time I need cows, I know who to go to :D

  5. cows are cool. There is not other explanation needed.

  6. That is the coooolest cup in the world!

  7. Oh, great post! I've been very into cows recently. I only have one running calf and a bull so far. I love my bull! He's the red Breyer PBR bull. I used to date a bullrider in college, and he was a wonderful guy - albeit I think a little crazy from being dropped on his head one too many times, as they all are. Or maybe you have to be that way to begin with in order to get on a bull in the first place.

    I'm planning on making a decent looking bull rope for the bull, so I was looking at photos of bull riding. If it's fun to watch live, it's about a million times more fun to watch in stop motion. The bulls fling themselves about with balletic abandon, like colorful ladies' scarves tossed in the air. Whee!

  8. LOVE that cow/calf set - just gorgeous! Would love to get my hands on a pair like that.

  9. Who knew there were so many cow lovers here?!

    The standing cow and calf weren't sold as a set, but they look good together, don't they? I still really want the Herden cow that's cantering in a circle with her head up. That one has been on my wish list for years. Maybe one of these days... :)

  10. Thanks for the warning. I have one tied calf at the moment and a stablemate one at the painter's. I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that one day I'll end up with a herd like this. *sigh*

  11. Anyone know where I could find a bull or cow in 1:6 scale?

  12. There is a really wonderful sculptor/tackmaker from Mexico who works in 1:6 scale. I think (but am not certain) that he has created a bull or two. I don't have his website information handy, but you can view his Flickr photostream here. Prepare to be amazed. He does outstanding work.

  13. The cow missing the ear in the last photo looks like a dairy cow. The rest of the cows and calves look like beef breeds.