Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Huttons on parade

The first time I ever saw a Pamala Hutton horse was in 2001. I wasn't showing much back then, but I would occasionally stop in at local live shows to chat with friends and look at all the lovely models. It was during one of these visits that I saw Diana Patterson's model, Faith.

I was totally and completely blown away by Faith. She was, at that time anyway, the most amazing piece of equine art I'd ever seen. In the space of just a few minutes I became a huge Pamala Hutton fan.

Pamala is no longer in the model horse hobby, but her work has stood the test of time. Her pieces are highly sought after and command huge prices whenever they come up for sale. Probably a lot of today's hobbyists have never seen a Hutton horse in the flesh, so it was a real treat for everyone showing at the recent Devilish Kokopelli Live show to have not one, not two but eight Hutton horses in attendance.
All of these beauties are owned by Heather Malone and Marilyn Jensen.
Direct Deposit, a customized Breyer Semi Rearing Mustang owned by Heather, was one of Pamala's earliest pieces.
Although not as accomplished as some of her later work, this guy still holds his own in the showring.
Cherry Midnite Frost is also owned by Heather.
The lovely, soft facial detailing is a hallmark of Pamala's work.
Inimitable is a Laura Behning Willy Remember Me resin.
Detail of Inimitable's legs and hooves.
This little Darfendi resin is named Klassique.
Such a cute face!
Marilyn Jensen is the lucky owner of this customized Breyer Wixom.
Her name is Marigold.
Sacred Omen also belongs to Marilyn.
I am not a big fan of Kathleen Moody's sculpts, but I could make an exception for this guy.
Here's another Moody I could fall in love with. This is Heather's Champagna Siempra.
My photos really do not do any of these guys justice. The lighting in the show hall wasn't ideal and I had to use a flash. Trust me, they are all even more amazing in person.
Last but certainly not least is Heather's Relativity. I love this model.
Such soft amazing details...
Look at all the hair detail in the mane.
The E=Mc2 signature means that this horse was a collaborative effort between Pamala and her mother Carol Floyd.
In the decade since most of these model were created, the overall level of finishwork in the hobby has risen significantly. They probably do not seem quite as mindblowing now, as they did back then, but still... These are some amazing models! Many thanks to Heather and Marilyn for all their help with the Parade of Huttons photo shoot..


  1. WOW. Actually I think they *are* as mindblowing now as they were back "in the day" - outstanding finishwork stands the test of time. It's finishwork like this that inspires me to push myself to improve my skills :)

  2. It was fantastic to see all that history all together..! Faith is still my favorite Hutton, though, and the cm ISH that Nancy in Minnesota has.. all the little details really did push the envelope, the hobby itself is better because of Pam and Carol.

  3. Oh gosh! I think the first Hutton I ever saw (just in a photo mind you, not in the flesh) was that Wixom, and like you I was instantly enamoured by them. I didn't find them till right at the end of her hobby days, when her mom was sick and they were selling a lot to raise funds. I have and will never be able to own one, but will always strive to reach that level of life and vitality in my own work.

  4. I'm with Jane - my fave *still* is Faith. What a completely gorgeous piece of *art*.

  5. Well, that makes three of us! Although I haven't seen Faith in person since that fateful day at Cstle Rokc, she continues to be the model to which I compare all others. Never before or since have I been so completely blown away by a piece of plastic!

  6. That last one... 8O LOVE. How gorgeous. As are all the rest--those are amazing.