Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project pony updates

Slowly but surely, my RB Romke resin is nearing completion. I've spent the last couple days working on hooves.
The current trend in the hobby is to paint highly detailed hooves with both horizontal growth rings and vertical stripes. When this is done well (ala Jennifer Danza) it looks wonderful. Unfortunately a lot of times it isn't done well, and now I know why. Oh, this is hard!

I think I'm getting there, though.
Little Experiment has a new hairdo...
and a fresh coat of primer.
At this stage, the primer is a customizing aid not a base for paint. I spray it on, let it dry and then begin sanding. Although his barrel had looked perfectly smooth, I can now see that there were several low spots.
A bit further into the process. Experiment's barrel is smooth but there's still a lot of work to do his belly and hindquarters. The last picture is not an update but a "backdate." This Regan's Alyssa/Elissa (I still don't know which one is right!) as she looked in 1994. Not half bad but I have no doubt she'll look even better when her makeover is complete!
Well, back to sanding and painting--these ponies have been languishing on the shelf long enough. It's time to get them finished!


  1. Beautiful paint - I just love him. Can't wait to see the other two in their new coats. You do great work!!

  2. How do you make his mane look like that!?!? I use a little wire brush like thing and it works pretty will except the lines are so thin they really are just little lines!


  3. I draw the lines with a sculpting tool (nothing fancy, I often use a pencil)being sure to vary the depth of the stokes. I let the epoxy set up a bit and then smooth it out with a paintbrush dipped in denatured alcohol. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks, this will work great because I'm currently working on a crazy beat up standing presentation secretariat (think that's right) and the mane was so beat up/somehow partly ripped off that I sanded the little left and am trying to make a new one!

    Devon Comstock♥

  5. Also, alot of times when I sculpt with epoxy, it doesn't harden! So when I was working on my clydsedale, a chunk of the horses cheek and the primer just fell off! It was so annoying! I thought I was mixing them pretty 50/50 but I realy don't know!


  6. If you're having trouble with your epoxy not curing on a regular basis, something is definitely wrong. You may simply have a bad batch or perhaps a really old batch (I do sometimes have trouble with this when I'm at the bottom of the tub). Assuming your mixing technique is sound, I would definitely purchase some new epoxy. Expensive, yes, but worth it. Nothing is more frustrating than having to pick off all your hard work.