Sunday, March 28, 2010

Barstool saddles

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's post. It's funny. That was intended to be a humorous entry but it resulted in a lot of serious discussion. Go figure.

My old boss at Brighton Feed had a name for the kind of really low end Western saddles like those I featured yesterday. He called them "barstool saddles," and he always kept a few on hand to sell to as decor to Steakhouses and other Western themed businesses.

It seems he's not the only one to have that idea. Here's an advertisement for a company that specializes in turning old trophy saddles into barstools.
And speaking of trophy saddles....
There were several painted leather trophy saddles on display at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. I can't decided if I like the look or not, but it would be kind of fun to try this in miniature.
Kids are on spring break this week, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging. This would be a really great time for guest blogger pieces, show photos or pictures of tack made from BCS blog tutorials!


  1. I've been learning to tool Western saddles, and trophy saddles seem like a really fun idea! I bet you could use a t-shirt transfer on leather for fine "printed" patterns.

  2. The best use for a trophy saddle is often as a barstool ;-0

    Now, I kind of want a sadlle chair/bar stool. hmmmm

  3. When I was a kid, sometime back in the early 80's, the McDonald's in our town actually had a section with pony saddles for the kids to sit at. WOW! You can bed there were a LOT of tears shed over not getting to sit on those when they were already taken. It sure made going there a fun experience.