Monday, March 15, 2010

Peruvian Paso saddle

There were a lot of nice saddles at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, but I had no trouble choosing a favorite. This beautiful Peruvian Paso saddle was displayed in the barn area, and its owner was extremely gracious about allowing me to photograph it from every conceivable angle. Here are a few of those pictures.The seat and front of the cantle were very soft and cushion-y. I'm guessing this is a comfortable saddle to sit in.
Close up of the tooling and braided trim. This horse design also decorated the saddle blanket and tail cover.
The view from above.
Pommel front.
Back of cantle.
Saddle blanket.
Under the flap.
The same but with buckle guards flipped up.
Bottom view. Can you believe there's tooling in the channel between the panels?
Peruvian saddles use a wide string cinch that is significantly stiffer than your average Western cinch.
The leather at both ends of the cinch is tooled.
Matching spurs and spur straps. These were pretty cool!
A little more information on Peruvian tack.
So, now you've seen my choice for the Best Saddle of the Day award. Tune in tomorrow to see the winner of the Worst Saddle of the Day!


  1. That is a fantastic saddle!

  2. It's so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing those pictures!

  3. Wow! That tooling is fabulous. So nice of them to let you be so thorough with the pictures!

  4. Wow! Matching tooled saddle pad, I never would have imagined. I've just gotta wonder about the person who made this and what he was thinking as he tooled the underside - delight in craft, or was he quietly thinking the potential buyer was a goofball?

  5. Oh, my goodness, what a stunning saddle! I'd love to get a look at one in person someday. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bet I can guess the worst saddle! :D

  7. That "saddle pad" is called a carona (pronounced like the beer corona). Below the carona is the saddle pad which is called the jerga. The carona protects the saddle from wearing on the horse. That is a fantastic picture of that saddle, Peruvian saddles are just as comfortable as riding one.

    Just wanted to share with you about the saddle. :)

  8. Thanks for the additional information! Ironically, I just spent today at the 2011 edition of the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and I now have new Peruvian Paso saddle pictures to share.