Saturday, March 20, 2010

Endurance saddles at the Horse Expo

More saddle pictures from the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Today the focus is Endurance saddles. The first four saddles were made by Synergist Saddles ( I like the built in cantle purse on the tan saddle.
The black saddle had lots of fun extras.
Other side. If you look carefully, it appears that this saddle (and the first one) both take an English type girth.
The laced cantles were another feature common to all the Synergist Endurance saddles.
Close up of the built on saddle bags.
Teresa's pawprint saddle.
Close up of the tooling. Sorry Teresa, I still think it's kind of cute!
Another Synergist saddle. This one is a pretty normal looking English saddle fitted with Endurance type stirrups.
I'm not certain, but I think the next three saddles were made by Specialized Saddles ( This first one is very fluffy!
English style billets and stirrup leathers with a Westernish seat. I wonder what it's like to ride in?
This one is more to the Western end of the spectrum, but still has the English billets.
Lots of interesting ideas for the adventurous tackmaker--be sure to send pictures if you decide to reproduce one of these saddles in miniature!


  1. S'kay Jennifer - you can think it's cute, I still think it's TACKY!

  2. OMG give me that pink one with the lace and the pawprints! How cute is that???? Yes, I am one of those who love the gaudy tacky bling bling tack. And PROUD of it!