Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good day

After my bad day yesterday, I was really glad to have non-studio plans for today. I got my kids off to school and then headed out to Elizabeth, Colorado to visit my friend Jane.

In theory this was supposed to be a brainstorming session for our NAN auction donation. We did do a little of that, but mostly this was a social visit. I also spent a lot of time looking at Jane's sales models.
I was tempted by several, but the one I really wanted was this Eberl Octopussy. Of course after I told Jane everything I liked about her, I'm not sure she's still for sale. No matter. I can't afford her anyway!
I always love seeing other people's studios. Jane's compact (and organized!) work area is located in her bedroom. Jane dresses dolls and makes non-leather tack goods, so most of Jane's supplies come from the sewing section of the hobby shop.
And here's a staple of any well-stocked work desk--chocolate!
I would have loved to stay and talk all day, but alas, school gets out at 2:30 so every visit has to end before then. Still, I felt very much refreshed by my time at Jane's. I spent the balance of the afternoon in my own studio working on yesterday's problem saddle and look:
I still don't love it, but at least now I think there's hope. Tomorrow I'll do the panels and work on the shape and maybe it will be ok in the end.

So, Monday was bad, Tuesday was good... I wonder what's in store for Wednesday?


  1. I'd like that big, ceramic rabbit cookie jar in the back of the photo; he looks so cute and fuzzy!

    Glad today was more productive :)

  2. I need a work station that organized and neat. And stocked with chocolate. XD

    Glad today was a better one for you. *hugs*