Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to tack

This week is all about small orders. Here's a look at what's been keeping me busy for the last two days.

An extra-long lead rope for Kellye, a crown piece for Karen,
sports medicine boots for Teresa and Jane,
skid boots for Susan,
and an English girth with a fleece girth cover for me.
Tomorrow and Friday will be a couple bridles, and then next week I'll try to get going on something more substantive.


  1. Looking good!

    Would you mind telling me what kind of fleece you use? I've had no luck finding anything that looks quite right in scale.

  2. Allie--it's just felt. I've tried using different fleeces, but they're always too thick and plush is too fuzzy. The felt is cheap and easy to use and looks as good as anything else... Sometimes low-tech is the best!

  3. ooooooh...I'm gonna love my new boots!

    Are you comin' by on Sat?

  4. Thanks for the lead rope Jenn - that will be perfect with the charro saddle set!

  5. Jenn - what do you use for the fleece? Every time I look at stuff in the stores, it seems to me like it would be out of scale with models.


  6. Hello Braymere! Just wanted to know where you got your little clips for the extra long lead rope. I normally use lobster clasps but no matter what they look huge and making your own hooks are hard when trying to make two matching ones.

    Also, earlier, I asked what kind of glue you used and I can't remember what the post was called so... what glue was it???

    Thanks, Devon

  7. I've bought those clips from several places--mostly Hobby Lobby and Rio Rondo. Your comment about the glue was posted to the raised noseband tutorial. Read back through my older Tack Tips and you should find info on glue.

  8. Also, how did you make the twisted lead rope? Every time I attempt one, it unravels!


  9. That's braided, not twisted. It's a simple four strand round braid. I'm not good at twisting either.

  10. Hi! I was just wondering, what material did you use to make the sports medicine boots?