Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horse Expo weird/wonderful

Here are a few more weird and wonderful offerings found at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo trade show held last weekend at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. I love these little bicycles.
Didn't we all spend our childhoods pretending our bikes were horses? I know I did.
Halters suitable for the Tacky Tack of the Day blog.
These hooves were on display at the Front Range Community College booth.
Depending on how squeamish you are, these might be considered either weird or wonderful.
Mostly I think they're pretty neat!
These Breyers at the Brighton Feed & Saddlery booth qualify as wonderful...
but this lonely Shire mare...
Weird, definitely weird!
Tired of Horse Expo pictures yet? I still have a bunch left over, most of which are Endurance saddles and vaulting tack. Any interest?


  1. I would love to see the rest of the pictures! Tack is so interesting :)

  2. Michael and I were joking that we each needed those halters. :)

    You seemed to see more than we did so please, keep up the photos!

  3. ... why is their water coming out of her tail?

  4. Those hooves make me say OUCH!

  5. I used to pretend my bike was a horse. I used to cycle along steering using the brake cables rather than the handlebars, pretending they were reins. A few near accidents ensued!

  6. I really like that no two people have commented on the same picture. You rock!

    Teresa--Flick would look adorable in a rainbow halter. Ha! I'm not sure they were big enough for Guiness, though.

    Lauren--She's supposed to look like she's peeing. She was a display for a company that sold stable drainage systems. Yeah, it didn't work for me either!

    Sian--those hooves were so cool as long as you didn't think about the horses they used to belong to...

    Ordinarylittleart--I think I did the same thing. It's amazing we all survived!

  7. The only thing wrong with those bicycles is they're too small! My bike was a horse long after I graduated to an adult size bike.

    I actually like the rainbow halters, they're groovy. I think my standard for dignity in things used OUTSIDE a showring is a lot lower than my standard for things used IN one.

    I'm enjoying the expo photos a lot but I also miss hearing about your tack work.

  8. I love the peeing horse! I think I might show that to my students. It's the water cycle in action! HAH! Classic science ;)!