Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday at Ambleside

I have updated my blog every single day this month. Granted, some of those posts were pretty short, but still... I think that's a considerable achievement. As a reward for all the good work, Cara and I spent the morning at Ambleside.

It's been several months since we've been to the barn, and boy, have the foals grown up! Technically they are yearlings now, but even the oldest (Austin) is several months from his true first birthday.

Speaking of Austin...
Poor Austin! He's much bigger than the others and he hasn't quite grown into himself. Fortunately, he has lots of time to even up and fill out.
Next up is Iris.
I've always been partial to Iris. She's such a pretty girl...
And she still has curly ears!
Me and "my" baby.
Daisy is Miss Allison's last foal.
She's also Fran's favorite.
Last but not least is little Houston. He's the youngest of the group and the most babyish--both physically and mentally.
I like his little raccoon eyes!
We also checked in with Burke who has become quite a handsome three year old. Burke is an Anglo Arabian. I used to ride his mother.
So, that's the baby update. Hopefully it won't be quite as long until our next check-in.


  1. Congratulations, Jennifer! I love reading your blog and your posts are always so interesting :-)

    Iris has the cutest expression -- thanks for sharing!

  2. Goodness those are cute little curly ears. I love horse ears.

  3. They all have the same big round beautiful eyes! And that Anglo is lovely too - what a pretty neck.

  4. Oh, I like Iris a lot, too! She is a nice filly!!

  5. Oh my gosh! They are absolutely adorable. I really like little Houston and I love that picture of you and Iris. I would love to see more pictures of them as they grow up.

    Lindsay M.