Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday at the Stock Show

Yesterday I was spent a most wonderful afternoon at the National Western Stock Show with my friend and fellow model horse hobbyist, Teresa Buzzell.

We arrived at the National Western Complex still undecided as to whether we were going to watch the Mexican Rodeo or the Freestyle Reining. As it turned out, the decision was made for us. The reining was sold out, so Mexican Rodeo it was. Because we were feeling just a little bit cheated about not getting to see the Freestyle, we headed over to the Events Center first and spent some time in the barn area where the Freestyle horses were being prepared for their class.
This pretty palomino had bows in his mane...
and tail!
We left the barn area and headed over to the warmup ring. Some of the horses looked completely normal.
Others were all dressed up in their Freestyle attire.
Sparkle butt!
This horse's rider talked on his cell phone throughout their entire warmup!
Eventually we left the Event Center and spent some time walking through the trade show at the Hall of Education. You can buy nearly everything at the trade show--trucks and trailers, hot tubs and sleep number beds, candy and ShamWows... Not surprisingly, Teresa and I were most interested in the booths that had tack.
Happily for us, there was lots of tack to look at. This is a $10,000 Bob's Western Pleasure saddle.
A handmade bit.
Millions of reins!
There were also lots of Breyers. This is Teresa checking out the selection at the Running Creek booth.
Plush, poseable pony!
Of course I had to stop by the Brighton Feed booth and say hello to my old boss.
As the beginning of the Mexican Rodeo drew near, we headed over to the Coliseum. We passed a Llama and Alpaca show on the way.
And then, at last, we reached our destination.
Mexican Rodeo pictures coming tomorrow!


  1. Cool is the word! I wish i was going! Next year get tickets for the freestyle reining WAY in advance. I got to see it years ago but after that I think its one of the first things to sell out.

  2. The palomino was SO SOFT on his nose. I am envious.

    But you didn't post the photo of the two Paint wreck!?!? Talk about pilot error.

  3. I had the wrong lens on the camera so the two paint wreck picture looked more like two tiny horse shaped specks far, far away in a dark, dark arena.

    I think I made up for that with the Alpaca picture, though. I don't think I've ever seen anything as ridiculous (and cute!) as the jailbird alpaca...

  4. I can just see it now, all the Mego dolls will have cell phone excessories at my next show... I guess Freestyle reining would still go in the reining classes, but perhaps it will give an edge. It will at least get noticed :)

  5. Great pictures and what fun! Our rodeo is going on right now, but they don't have venders or costume shows! Can't wait to see the Mexican Rodeo photos!

  6. Is it just me, or did the palomino look a tad bit... embarrassed?

    I agree, the alpaca's costume was super cute!

  7. Damn Jennifer! Perhaps we'll see other mishaps...

  8. yes few months ago i pictured a horse in a race ,and the saddles which rider used on horse back was looking very beautiful,later i found that was a Australian Saddle