Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skid boots

Skid boots are designed to protect the back of a horse's fetlocks during hard stops. They are worn on the hind legs only and may be made from either leather or neoprene. This pair, made by Professional's Choice, is typical of the leather variety. Although no discipline mandates the use of skid boots, you would be hard pressed to find a reining horse or roping horse competing without them. They are also used on some barrel racers.
As with all boots, the buckles should go on the outside of the horse's leg and the strap ends should point to the back of the horse.
Helpful? Please let me know. If there's enough interest I will be sure to post more articles like this in the future.


  1. Yes, very. These odd things are what I ALWAYS get wrong at shows. I never remember which boot goes on which leg, and at times of stress (which all showrings are) I always mess up :)
    When you do show, do you stickywax the excess straps down? The judge last year at Breyerfest counted off anyone who didn't, but I've never seen it in my area - that I know of.

  2. Yes! I haven't shown performance yet, but I definitely like to learn about all aspects of tack.

    Laura's comment made me think, too -- I would love to see a couple of "how-to" posts on securing bridles and various tack items to the model. At the shows I've been to, the performance people always seem really busy with their models, so I try to keep away from them while they're tacking up, and I've never actually seen how it all gets put together.

  3. I just made a pair of skid boots similar to these but instead of using buckles I used "tack-it over & over" glue to simulate the velcro-fastening skid boots I've seen. They are super easy to put on though you have to refresh the glue every few wearings. And no buckles to fuss over!

  4. Oh yes, I love these kind of things, its just the little things, and I love how much attention you pay to them. :D

  5. Agreed, these posts are quite interesting and helpful. I'd like to see more. Though I do have to say, something must have been wrong on my end of the internet because it was saying that your last posting was the 31st of December! I didn't feel so bad for being a slacker. Now? oh man...I gotta break out some ponies and do something. Oh, and your most recent saddle is gorgeous! I wish my real saddle looked as nice again. Lol