Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The first saddle of 2010...

Looks a lot like the last saddle of 2009!Of course even when I use the same pattern, no two saddles are exactly the same. This one ended up with an extra nice seat section.
I promise the next saddle will be something completely different!


  1. Wonderful!
    I wish I had the knowhow to make tiny breyer tack. I've customized models before and in fact I have a pretty loping palimino that I just fixed a tail on the thing is I love his colours already. I gotta find a way to match them.

  2. So, can you make a real life Flick sized saddle? :D

  3. Miniature yumminess!

  4. Beautiful!! I was wondering how you do the contrasting piping between the skirts and seat, its really interesting! i think i know how i would do it, but i would like the word of an expert first! :)

  5. Incredible!! You do fantastic work!! Do you sell your tack and/or have a price list available?

  6. I never get tired of looking at your huntseat saddles! :-) Lorrie

  7. I must say, I never was super into models, only have a few breyers, but I find the tack work that you and other specialists do as exquisite. I was thinking, maybe I should save money and go model horse instead of real horse! I could love an inanimate object...

    How much is trying to be totally realistic, and how much style? I love your saddles, I read a bunch of your posts and wandered onto a few other sites from here. The question... is the stitching on the skirt of the hunt saddles outside of the padded knees needed from a construction basis? Because forward seat saddles seldom have stitching there... is it a model horse style?

    A lot of the items, one would be hard pressed to tell if it is a model or not, and that makes it perfect!! I especially like some of the photo shows, which could be real life pictures...

    Awesome work!

    I am Boyfriend

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Teresa--I could make a Flick sized saddle but I'm not sure you would want to ride in it! That could be exciting...

    Sophie--the piping is made from skiver that's actually been skived to be even thinner. Yes, I know that's not normal!

    Buckpony--I do sell nearly everything I make, but I'm not taking any new orders until I finish all the old ones. I will make an announcement here when (if?)that happens.

    Bif--I try to stay true to real saddle construction as much as possible, but there are definitely trends within the model world as well. I'm not immune to those. In fact, I make it a point to look at real tack often so as not to get too removed from the source.

  9. Strange thought... brass name tags for bridles, martingales, and saddle cantles are very popular in the hunter and lesser extent the eventing world... has anyone ever asked for that on model tack? If it's possible, how would you do it? Would that be something that catches the LS judge's eye in performance?