Friday, January 1, 2010

Comfy New Year

I like New Year's Day. I like fresh starts and new beginnings, and I am filled with optimism about 2010. I really do believe this will be a better year for me.

And here's something I am sure of--it will be a more comfortable year. I just couldn't spend all that time revamping my studio without upgrading the chair. That old unpadded, wooden, kitchen chair just wasn't working for me anymore.

So, today the boys and I celebrated the New Year by going to Office Depot and buying a brand new, padded chair with wheels and armrests. Oh, the luxury!
Of course it wasn't assembled, but that is not a problem when you have an enterprising seven year old in the house. James asked if he could put it together all by himself. The directions looked fairly uncomplicated so I told him to go for it...
He did!
Ta da--it's finished! Since James did all the work he got to sit in it first. Make no mistake, though. That's my comfy chair.
The kids go back to school Monday and then my New Year will start in earnest. I can not wait to log some serious studio hours in my brand new chair!


  1. Very impressive! James can come to my house and fix things if he wants to :)

  2. What a great chair! I need one of those too!

  3. Nice chair, glad you got it. We have lots of work for James, send him over.

  4. It's amazing how helpful James can be when he uses his powers for good instead of evil. :) I would caution against letting him touch your computer, however. That kid can mess up a computer something fierce!

  5. Wow cool! Here's to 2010!

    Lee Ann