Monday, February 1, 2010

One step back/one step forward

Life is not a success only journey.

Unfortunately for me, neither is tackmaking.

I was so close to having those Charro saddles finished Saturday. They were glued and pinned and all that was left was adding the liner... Well, that and actually trying them on the model.

You know where this is going, right? It turned out that Kellye's saddle was a good quarter inch too long. So, instead of gluing on the liner, I spent yesterday undoing everything I had done the day before.
Happily, I was able to fix the problem without having to remake the saddlebags. I reassembled the saddles this morning, and then the mailman brought me these two cinches courtesy of Doreen McGuire.
So this is where things stand now:

It's hard to believe, but I think they're finished. Oh happy day, I think they're finished!!

Now it's on to the bridles!


  1. Wonderful!

    I know how to make big versions of those mohair cinches. I bet they would be easy to make little sized since I can throw out a few big ones in a day.

  2. Gorgeous!! That looks so lovely cinched and with the breastplate... Lot of work, and super pretty!

    At least it didn't take TOO long to fix the issue ;~) It doesn't feel quite as long when it's finished and it's the next day. =D

  3. They look fantastic and the girths look really sharp. These short-backed Spanish models are a challenge to fit - I should have said something earlier.

  4. It's not your fault, Kellye. I should have asked. I usually do. Don't know how I managed to overlook such an obvious part of the preparation!

    And really, it all turned out for the best. If I hadn't had these to reassemble today, I'm pretty sure I would have spent the entire day obsessing over Abbie :(

  5. Congratulations! Those look fabulous.

  6. The saddles are incredible!! Your work is so true to life, it is amazing. What a gift you have. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  7. Those look awesome, wish I could get one someday!

  8. Wow! Those look great! (as usual with your tack)

  9. Hi,
    I know this is a long-shot, but you wouldn't happen to have Doreen McGuire's e-mail address, would you? I'd like to order something from her, but I can't seem to find her contact info on her website. I was hoping you might still have it since you ordered those cinches from her. Thanks for your time.

    Lindsay M.

    1. I've always been able to find her contact information on MH$P. I'm not sure if she has any current ads, but it's worth a look. Good luck!

  10. Darn, nothing. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Lindsay M.