Friday, January 29, 2010

My mystery horse

I haven't always been an ultra discriminating resin collector.

When I was a kid, I had a true "this and that" collection. Basically, if it was horse shaped I wanted it. Breyers were my favorites because they looked the most real, but I wasn't picky. I proudly owned a few Hartlands, some made in Japan chinas, several Marx horses, a Hong Kong semi rearing mustang copy, one Julip and several rubbery toy horses.

And then there was this unmarked China horse:My mother found him at a thrift shop and bought him for me when I was eleven or twelve. This was after the institution of the Breyer ban so new models were few and far between. I was absolutely delighted with my new horse, and I didn't mind his big ugly base or the lack of color in his eyes. I thought he was beautiful and mysterious looking. I named him Flamingo.
My best friend and I decided that he was a strawberry roan. Since Arabs don't come in roan, we also decided me was an Anglo Arabian (I know!). Because he was one of my favorites, he made countless trips between our houses. Amazingly, he survived without damage. Except for crazing over his entire body, he is in nearly mint condition.
Some twenty years later, I saw another copy of this particular model in another collector's house. I asked her if she knew anything about him, and she said no, not really. However she went on to say that she'd been told he was probably a Maureen Love sculpt released by a small pottery in California. That sounded right to me. He does look a Maureen Love horse and I did get him in California.
If you have any more information about my dear old Flamingo, I'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, he remains my much loved, beautiful mystery horse!


  1. Very interesting :-) I still think of my rag-tag collection from long ago, too. I had many Japan chinas too and still have my favorite. He's also crazed all over but still very pretty. These make nice memories :-)

  2. I could have sworn I've seen another copy (darker body color) somewhere - either on eBay or MHSP. Fairly sure it wasn't in the show ring.

    If I were you, I'd see if Yashka or KYG know...

  3. Ha, Teresa! Karen is the other collector referenced in the post. I saw hers the first time she had an open house--I think that was 2000? I remember that Ryan was still just a little baby and I didn't get a chance to play with the airbrush because I was holding him!

    I didn't mention this in the post, but he's a traditional sized horse. He fit all my 1970's era Breyer tack just fine.

  4. Well, that could be where I saw it then as I was there myself! :D I keep thinking though that I did see it in a sales venue and not necessarily in a display cabinet...

  5. Maureen Love did release sculptures through companies other than HR - and it definitely looks like one of hers.

    There's a book on her sculptures, you might want to look into it.

  6. i stumbled upon this post while searching through your old posts and decided to research it! I came upon this post:
    And realized the horses looked almost like Flamingo!
    From that post, it seems like Flamingo is a Lane Ceramics horse, in Natural Red, A-9 version 2.
    Hope this helps you and someone hasn't already found it!

  7. Thanks for that link, Bella. I saw that post when it was written and meant to drop a link in here. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing so, and thanks to you, now I don't have to!