Saturday, January 30, 2010

I cannot tell a lie...

I really hate these saddle strings. They cover up so much of the pitiada. I spent hours and hours on that pitiada. The last thing I want to do is cover it up!
I am tempted to go with less obtrusive strings, but reference picture...
after reference picture proves that would be a bad idea.
So I guess I'll live with the strings, but that doesn't mean I have to like them!

(Don't be fooled--this saddle isn't done yet. It's just beginning to look that way!)


  1. Wow, that's really coming along! The strings look good on it-you can still see most of the details.

  2. Hmm, and the reference picture shows the rigging very much in line with where you have yours.

    I personally would like the strings the color of the stitching, but I see in that second reference pic that they do go with the white string look.

    You work so hard on this... I for one am awed by your patience! I really enjoy this blog =)

  3. Bif, I have been paying extra attention to the rigging postition since you mentioned it, and I think I've got it just about right. On all my reference pictures it's up by the tree when the saddle is uncinched. Cinched up is a different matter, but I think there's just enough play in the straps that it will be right then, too. I hope, anyway!

    The strings aren't white. That's just my flash. They're undyed sheepskin skiver that should darken a bit with age. I would have preferred they match the pitiada as well, but they're close enough.

    I am SO ready to be done with these Charro saddles. I cannot wait to make a nice, uncomplicated English saddle!

  4. The saddle's coming along great! It really looks amazing and I can see how many hours of work you've put into it. That's something I really admire about you- your patience! I have to keep myself busy with little things as the bigger projects don't hold my attention for very long! :)

    Looking forward to seeing the saddle when it's all finished. :)