Friday, January 15, 2010

The thinking stage

I've started working on my next project--a Charro saddle for Kellye. Since I have not made a Charro saddle in several years, the first stage involves a lot more thinking than doing.

I begin by gathering my reference materials and supplies. These include all the relevant pictures I can find, a pair of Charro saddle trees from The World of Model Horse Collecting and the pattern pieces from my first Charro saddle. I also have a body quality model and a rider doll to assist me in sizing. I know that Kellye uses dolls in her set-ups so it's important that the tack fits the doll as well as it fits the horse.I've dug up a picture of my first and so far only Charro saddle. Studying this helps me decide which parts of the pattern to keep and which to alter.
I make a lot of sketches like this one to help me sort out where each piece should go and how big it is in relation to the rest of the saddle. I pay a lot of attention to proportions and make note of what design elements are common to all saddles of this type.
Lastly, I sort through the pile of junk that was in the baggie with the old Charro saddle pattern.
I am pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the "junk" isn't so junky after all. Instead there is a finished bridle, a finished halter and an extra set of reins plus some long braided pieces. I won't actually send any of this stuff to Kellye. These pieces were obviously prototypes. They're decent but not really up to my usual standards. Still, I expect I will find them helpful when I start sets number two and three.
So that's what the thinking stage looks like. Not too interesting, I'm afraid, but it definitely helps me to get ready for what's coming next!

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  1. So far so good, I'd say! What a fun project. Thanks for the link to your troika reference. That was a well researched and well executed set up. Happy tacking!