Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Model Year in Review

I'm going to borrow a phrase from solitairemare and say that I am ambivalent about 2009. It wasn't a great year and it wasn't a terrible year. There were a few days that were absolutely wonderful and a whole month or two I'd like to forget. Perhaps the best words to describe the year are eventful and never boring.

I am also ambivalent about whether or not I achieved my hobby goals for the year. Here is a passage I posted to this blog a year ago today:

My number one hobby goal for the year ... is to step outside of my comfort zone. I do not want to make 34 English saddles in 2009. I want to make at least one Western saddle and a sidesaddle of some sort and a Mexican saddle and a Portuguese saddle and... Well, you get the picture!

I did make a Western saddle...
and a sidesaddle. Unfortunately, however, that was about it for new and interesting. Mostly I made lots of English saddles. Again. In case anyone is interested, the official breakdown goes like this:
  • Thirteen huntseat saddles, eight traditional, one classic, four pebbles

  • Three dressage saddles, all traditional

  • One saddleseat saddle, traditional

  • Three racing saddles, all traditional

  • One sidesaddle, traditional

  • One Western saddle, traditional

  • Two endurance saddles, both traditional

  • Two packsaddle sets, both traditional
As far as showring success goes, 2009 was a very good year.Although I didn't make the trip to Portland in June, Braymere Custom Saddlery was well represented at NAN. As best as I could tell, my tack was part of five Championship entries, two Reserves and at least six Top Tens. On the home front, this 2009 was... not my best year ever. It wasn't the worst, though, so I guess I can't complain too much. Here's a look back at one of the happy moments:
Here's hoping that we all have a great 2010 filled with tiny saddles and plastic ponies. Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Well, endurance and pack saddles aren't your typical "english saddle" so I think they count too! And That's better than my totals for the year (in painting, I completed... well it's too small to even comment, but just a handful all year). And if you'd like, I will volunteer to commission one of the others for you, hehehe. Hey, I have to try to get onto your books somehow :)

  2. Let's see...I finished 41 dolls for custom orders and I think there were 8 or 12 dolls I made for sale at regionals. There may have been a few other random dolls thrown in but I would have to look more to find that out. Maybe later I will do the breakdown.
    And you really can't blame people for wanting your english saddles, they are awesome!

  3. Good God, woman! Fifty dolls in one year?! You are a fast worker.

    I have no one to blame but myself for the parade of English saddles. They are "easy" for me, and this year was difficult enough that I just didn't have the energy for anything new. I actually do have orders for one Mexican saddle and two Portuguese saddles on my worklist. Thankfully those customers have been really, really patient with my slowness. Hopefully I will do much better by them in 2010!

  4. *hugs*

    So you didn't succeed on all fronts - you DID succeed in parts of your goal. To me, that is success.

  5. That sidesaddle is really beautiful and honestly...your huntseat saddles are so outstanding.
    Here's wishing for a better 2010 and even more goals met along the way!