Sunday, November 1, 2009

Crazy Ladies, part two

As promised, here are my pictures from the Resin Workmanship division at the Crazy Ladies live show held yesterday in Parker, Colorado.

We have a fairly small pool of resin showers in this region, and I tend to take pictures of the same horses at every show. Knowing this, I made a special effort to photograph models I hadn't seen before, like this cute baby sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, painted by Kim Shepard and owned by Jane Schneider... and models that exhibited really super paintwork, like this Artist's Proof Elizabeth sculpted and painted by Jennifer Scott.
Teresa Fedak's War Chant. I'm not sure who painted this guy, but he sure is lovely.
A really nice Finn resin. I wish there was a big version of this resin!
Two very detailed roan Mini Scarletts By Sheila Anderson Bishop.
I love, love, love this Eberl Vincent resin by Jennifer Scott.
He looks real.
Detail of the flea bites. These pictures are clickable. Be sure to check out the full size views of Jenn's amazing workmanship!
Another incredibly detailed grey--this one by Sheila Anderson Bishop. I'd seen this Stormwatch on MH$P, but he really does look so much different, and better, in person.
Close up of the dapples.
The Appaloosa class was another tough one. This cute little Lynn Fraley Chickory was painted by Jennifer Scott.
Sheila said she stayed up to 2 am the night before the show working on this mini Ravenhill. He wasn't completely finished, but he still looked pretty good to me.
However, I liked Sheila's other mini Ravenhill a little more. I just love his roany blanket!
One more Sheila Appaloosa. This is an Eberl Carlito resin owned by the very lucky Teresa Fedak.
Detail of his face.
And again. Sheila has such a light touch with the roaning. I could spend hours looking at her Appaloosas.
Happily for me, Sheila has agreed to paint my Starfire resin. I can not wait to have my own Sheila Appaloosa to admire!


  1. You are a lucky dog, Jennifer! Those appaloosas and so beautiful! I love Jenn's Vincent too :-)And thank you for putting up a picture of my little foal!

  2. It was great to see you Saturday Jennifer!!! *hugs*

  3. So many mini roans! That must take some dedication to get the hairs looking convincing!