Monday, November 23, 2009

Spooky Turkey 2--Resins, part two

More pictures from Saturday's Spooky Turkey 2 live show held in Boulder, Colorado.

The Stock Foal class was very good to me. Rajun Cajun was second and third... and Sweet Side was first and first!
Good old Rugged Passion was first and third in the Appaloosa class.
The Paint class was small but tough.
I was very pleased that Letter to Laredo did so well against that kind of competition!
The Mustang class. I own the War Chant in the middle.
A close-up look at Sherre's Stormwatch.
Sherre's Nitro.
A really beautiful Desperado.
The Stock Breed Call Back table.
This is Sheila's lovely Scarlett resin.
The Longears class.
Draft and Longears Call Back Table.
Sherre's Fabio resin.
Another one of Sherre's ponies--this is an Otto painted by Deb Loveless.
Esther's U-Know resin.
My U-Know resin. Princess Buttercup won her first ever NAN cards at this show.
The foals had their Top Five Call Backs at the very end of the day. Five of these cute babies belong to me! While the Foals were being judged, I set up all my Top Five division winners with their certificates. Here they are. From left to right, they are:
  • Poka Tia, an Eberl Lena resin customized and painted by Tiffany Purdy

  • Zefyrr, a Kara Kush resin sculpted and painted by Andrea Kessler

  • Letter to Laredo, a Sarah Rose Lone Star resin painted by Liesl Dalpe

  • Vulcan, a Kathi Bogucki Dozen Roses resin painted by Melissa Mistretta

  • Khemotigre, an Ed Bogucki Aashiq resin painted by Tiffany Purdy

  • Validator, a Valor resin sculpted and painted by Carol Williams

  • Rune, a Deborah McDermott Indian Silver resin painted by Sommer Prosser

  • Adonis Z, an Eberl Valentino resin painted by Tom Bainbridge

  • Balthazar, a Linda Lima mule resin painted by Suzanne Feld

  • Inesperado, a Sarah Rose Deseoso resin painted by Cathy Walden

  • Alyosha, a Mel Miller Fly By Wire resin customized mostly by me and painted by Tiffany Purdy

  • Princess Buttercup, a Kristina Lucas-Francis U-Know painted by Hilary Schwafel

One of the three call back tables for the Overall Top Five.Table two.

Table three. This was a small show, but there were still a lot of awesome horses on those tables!
Two of my models were awarded Over All Top Five honors. The first is little Sweet Side. She is a Carol Williams Parrs Dream Doll resin customized and base coated by Simrat Khalsa. I bought her as an unfinished project pony and did most of the finish work from the withers back.
Lovely Alyosha was my other big winner.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures. I still have a few more photos from the show to share tomorrow, but be sure to watch this space for a big announcement later in the week.


  1. OOOO!!! Ok, I am amazed by all your horses, but I have to comment: on that stock callback class, there's a CM Claude in the background. I PAINTED HIM! hehehe, and I see he got a NAN card, so YAY! (ok, I'm done, back to you!)

  2. I know exactly which horse you're talking about. He belongs to Sherre, too, and she kept putting him down behind her Nitro so it looked like he was being kicked in the face. Those two resins got a lot of attention--they looked so cool together!

  3. I am so happy to see Cajun and Rugged Passion showing so well, along with all your other beautiful resin. Way to go Girl!

  4. Yay for Zefyrr! I'm so glad she's doing well for you. <3

  5. I love Laredo's coloring. If I possibly could I would spend hundreds on all those pretty resins... so far all I have is a Sheryl Leisure "Walter" resin. I mainly collect OFs. Congrats on your winnings!

  6. Yay! Thanks for the photo of Princess Buttercup. I forgot you had her and it's lovely to see a picture of her and to know she's doing well for you!

  7. So many gorgeous models assembled together!