Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend work/weekend play

Weekends are family time at the Buxton house. This past Saturday we spent the day in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fort Collins was my first home in Colorado and is also the site of my husband's new job. As is usual for me, I was armed with my camera and on the lookout for horses of all shapes and sizes. Happily, there were plenty to be found. Here's a picture of my three men with our first equine discovery on the Colorado State University campus.
Detail of the statue's head and bridle.
Back view. This is such a classic Western image, and not surprisingly, it's one I've always wanted to set up in model-scale. Perhaps 2010 will be the year!
We ate lunch in Old Town Fort Collins. I spotted this horse just a block or two away from the restaurant.
Other side.
This one was also in Old Town. My kids thought the rider's position was pretty funny. Ryan is trying to pull him off his horse!
After lunch, we headed up the highway to the Anheuser-Busch. The Fort Collins brewery doubles as a training facility for the Budweiser Clydesdales' Western team. I was hoping to take lots of nice Clydesdale pictures, but alas, all the horses were in their stalls and most of my pictures look like this.
Of course all play and no work makes Jennifer a dull girl. I've spent a fair amount of my weekend picking away at the pack saddle sets. I always forget how long these things take, but they are finally approaching the final stages. Here's a sneak peek for Tiffany and Laura...
Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!


  1. Loving the pack saddle :)
    Oh, and I live in St. Louis, home of Bud Clydesdale headquarters (breeding, training, etc), and I think 90% of my pics also look like that.

  2. Apparently they have a "Clydesdale Camera Day" each month where they actually take the horses our for photos and petting. I've noted the dates on my calendar and am hoping to make it up there again sooner rather than later. We'll see, though. That's the sort of thing that's easy to plan and harder to actually get around to doing...

  3. I love Clydesdales. They're soo huge and gentle. The only ones around here are farmers' workhorses. That would definitely make an interesting blog post if you made it up there for a camera day!

  4. Jennifer - LMK when they have a date that works for you. If it works for me, I'll go with you :)

  5. Hey Teresa, Clydesdale Camera Day is from 1-3 pm the first Saturday of every month. I'd love to have company. I'm not sure I'd be willing to drive all that way on my own for just a few pictures!

  6. I swung by to admire your pack work there... really nice!

    But I just gotta add that I can NOT get over how many horse sculptures randomly decorate the streets in Denver and apparently Ft Collins too! Is it the proximity to Loveland? I really enjoyed those, tx for sharing! :)