Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best. Classic. Ever.

It really doesn't get any better than that. If you missed it live, there's a link to the video here:


  1. I will "ditto" that statement. She is one 'ell-of-a filly! I think we do need one more race from her though: Rachel A against Zenyatta. It will be like the modern Seabiscuit v War Admirl, just with girls so 10 times better :)

  2. I don't want to see either one beat the other. I think they are both such incredible gals and would hate to see either take the shine from the other. That is inevitable tho, when Horse of the Year is announced. Rachel was a shoo-in and now...I don't know. Rachel has run a much tougher campaign this year and proved herself over and over, including 3 times against the boys and in the Belmont, but Z's 14-0 record and her decisive win after a rough start at the Breeders Cup could seal it for her.

    They are both amazing girls and the reason I've started following horse racing again since the mid-70's.