Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spooky Turkey 2--Customs

My horses really did win forty nine NAN cards at the Spooky Turkey 2 Resin and Custom Halter show yesterday. That was a record for me, and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. However, before you get too impressed I should mention that this was a very small show with only ten showers in attendance. Several showers brought less than ten horses while I had thirty three models on my table. Numbers alone indicated this would be a good show for me. It also helped tremendously that every class was double judged, and one of the judges was Teresa Fedak. This meant two things. Not only was it possible to win two cards per class, but my horses didn't have to compete against Teresa's awesome showstring. All in all it was the perfect storm for Buxton horse success!

Without the distraction of performance, I found the time to take lots and lots of pictures. This first group is from the Traditional/Classic Custom Breed division.

My own Nejmet es Subh won the Custom Light Breed class under both judges. She later won both sections of the Custom Grey Workmanship class and was Overall Top Five in both Breed and Workmanship. Nejmet is probably my very favorite model, so I'm always especially delighted when she does well.
I didn't bring many customs, so the rest of the horses in these pictures belong to someone other than me. If anyone has information about the owners or customizers of these pieces, please feel free to add that to the comment section.

I really like the rabicano markings on this customized Ruffian.
Solid colored stock horses.
Spotted stock horses. The one on the left is a vintage Fraley.
Another lovely, old Fraley custom owned by Nancy Dement.
I believe this loud little Appaloosa was showing in the pony division. While I do not generally care for this mold, this one was pretty cute. It looks like at least one of the judges agreed!
Sherre Tuley's customized Stone weanling. I believe Dani Schacht is the customizing artist.
Another cute custom Stone weanling. I think this one belongs to Esther.
Teresa Fedak judging the Custom Breed Callback table. Psst, Teresa! Pick that pretty grey horse in the front row...
Lots of resin pictures to follow...


  1. Great to see you yesterday Jennifer! And don't forget, a lot of your horses can always find a new home with me :D

  2. Sorry, ladies, there are no re-homing plans for any of the show horses. However, you are more than welcome to any of the unsellable OF's I have boxed away in my basement!

  3. I wonder if that Stone weanling is CMed by Dottie Hayes? Looks like her work. :)
    I love that ruffian! It's amazing how well of a polo horse she makes!

  4. The Weanling does look like my work, but it's not :)

    ~Dottie Hayes