Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More RXR pictures

Courtesy of Lauren Upton, here are some more photos from the English Performance divisions of the Region X Regionals live show. I did not make anything in any of these pictures, but they are all such wonderful examples of top quality performance entries that I am delighted to be able to share them here.

First up is this OF Breyer Seattle Slew. I can't decide if I'm more impressed by his correct and detailed eventing tack or that well dressed, good riding doll. Taken together, this is a really sharp looking entry!This Depeche resin is also piloted by a good riding doll. I especially like her fly whisk!
A really nice bridge and stream diorama.
Oh, the ponies! Apparently there are a few showers in Region X who share my pony fetish. Just look at all these lovely pony entries. It's like plastic performance pony heaven.
I believe this is a Stone pony customized by Liesl Dalpe. So cute! I'm guessing this set-up represents a riding lesson... Or maybe an Equitation class workoff? Either way, it's adorable!
A customized Flash in trail.
From arena trail to natural trail, here's yet another cute spotted pony.
Pony dressage.
Does anyone know who made this doll? It is simply the best jumping doll I've ever seen. I also love the crop and the little Peacock safety stirrups.
Last picture and it's another pony I recognize. This is a Newsworthy that was customized and painted by my friend Tiffany Purdy. I don't know who owns her now, but she sure looks great in this fox hunting setup.
Thanks again to Lauren and also to the performance showers of Region X for all the wonderful inspiration!


  1. The Lonesome Glory is owned by Kate Dwyer--she might have done the tack, not sure.

    The Depeche is owned by Beth Rappleyea. She found the fly whisk at a dollhouse store!!

    The pinto pony is indeed a Liesl Dalpe CM on a Stone pony--her name is Electric Mayhem. She is owned by MArisa Evans. And that is an Equitation workoff she's showing.

    I think the doll on the Newsworthy was made by Anne Field (formerly St. Onge, this was the year for Region X to get married) and th ePurdy pony is now owned by Kate Cabot

  2. Excellent! Thank you SO much for that information. :)

  3. I actually don't think Anne made the awesome jumping doll. I'm pretty sure it's also owned by Kate Dwyer (might be wrong!), and I think I heard it used to be a boy and she found it in a tack store? No idea!

  4. Those are fabulous entries - super well executed and imaginative! The dolls are first rate and I love the riding crops. Any idea who made those crops? I would love to get one.

  5. Yes, I own Buttercup (Tiffany Purdy's Newsworthy CM now)-- she is SO fun to show!

    Kate Dwyer did the CMing and dressing on the doll on the OF Newsworthy. Kate is doing amazing work all around these days. Her harness set-ups are just as hard to beat as her over fences set-ups!

  6. Nope, I didn't make the little boy on the jumper, I am pretty sure Kate Dwyer CMed the doll herself. I did however make the doll in the striped sweater in the trail class and the little youth doll on Electric Mayhem. The first entry with no coat was a riding lesson and then her coat went back on for other classes. I love that pony :)