Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I don't like shopping. Black Friday crowds scare me, and as a rule, I usually avoid all retail establishments the entire Thanksgiving weekend. This year, however, I had to make an exception. One of my favorite stores, The Leather Factory, was holding a two day "Early Bird Special" with twenty five percent off all leather purchases. I was still without a petite tooling calf hide after my unsuccessful trip to Tandy earlier in the month, so this was a no-brainer. I had to go, Black Friday or not!
Although Tandy Leather Company and The Leather Factory are one and the same, the stores have quite separate and distinct personalities. Tandy is a typical retail store. The Leather Factory is pure warehouse.
Once inside, I headed straight for the big wall of leather and located the petite tooling calf hides. I spread each hide out on the inspection table and checked it carefully for leather weight and surface flaws.
Typically a hide will last me nearly two years and will yield over forty saddles. It's definitely worth taking the time to pick a good one. That smile says I've made my choice.
Hide in hand, I headed down the aisles to look for Edge Kote.
Still browsing the shelves--there are so many interesting books and products and tools... I could easily spend a fortune at the Leather Factory.
Eventually I got tired of having my own little Paparazzi following me around and taking pictures. I wrestled the camera away from Ryan and snapped a few photos of my own. This is Ryan checking out the scrap bin.
James prefers the exotic rabbit skins.
So, that's it--our big Black Friday excursion. Now to enjoy the rest of the day at home, away from the crowds and playing with leather!


  1. I *SO* wish we had a Leather Factory in our area, it looks like a fun place to shop!

  2. When I first started shopping at this particular Leather Factory, I found it rather intimidating. The staff isn't terribly friendly and the store is a hard to navigate if you don't know what you're looking for. Now, however, I absolutely love it! I think Tandy stores are easier for a novice, but the Leather Factory has so much more stuff. I really could spend a small fortune there!

  3. That place reminds me a bit of ossgoods which is a fabric store. It is set up like a warehouse, has absolutely ANYTHING you could ever want for fabric and is hard to navigate. At ossgoods they actually have color coded lines painted on the floors so when you do ask a staff member where to find something they can tell you which line to follow, lol.

  4. Wow that place looks HUGE!

  5. You'd probably lose me in one of those, I'd be running around like a kid in a toy store.

    Heyyyy, there's one in Springfield and it's only four and a half hours away!

  6. That looks like a tackmaker's paradise! I would love to go there-after I hit the lottery! Lol I could do some serious spending there! I dont think there's one anywhere near me, but I'll have to check.

  7. I got my mother out on Black Friday and she HATES shopping... but, we found her some new bed pillows (over 50% off!) and me some things and nothing for Flick. (poor boy)

    I like the zebra striped bunny hair myself!

  8. Uh, yeah... guess who got this coupon yesterday? >:-( Not like I really need much, but I do want to stock up on a few more bottles of dye and tan kote to pack in my suitcase for the trip over. I think pretty much every trip back to the states is going to involve me bringing an extra suitcase JUST for Tandy goods. Oh, and the Coach outlet. Heh.