Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crazy Ladies, part one

Happy Halloween!

I am pleased to report that my Halloween has been quite happy so far. I spent the morning at the Crazy Ladies live show in Parker, Colorado. Although I didn't bring any horses to show, I did get to meet my new Hazel for the first time. Here's a picture of her in her current "almost done" state.
I've always admired Jennifer Scott's paintwork, and I am so excited to be adding this girl to my collection. Look at her pretty face! Now if I could just think of a name...
Of course there were lots of other pretty things to look at. Here's a peek at some of the Stone models on Janet's table.
This year Crazy Ladies was billed as the "Yellow Card Extravaganza." Despite being an halter show, there were no Halter (Green) NAN cards to be found. Instead, Original Finish models were judged on collectibility and Custom and Resin models were judged on workmanship.
I really enjoyed seeing all the documentation that accompanied the OF models. It almost reminded me of a performance class!
Here's one of the showholders and judges, Regan O'Keefe studying a class of vintage glossy Breyers.
A few people wore their Halloween costumes. This is Jennifer Scott in the hat and Sheila Anderson Bishop in the horns.
Sculptor/painter/new performance addict Morgen Kilbourn judged the workmanship classes and also found time to check out Teresa's tack box. Take it from me, there are a lot of good things in that box.
Jane also brought her tack box and I was delighted to discover this beauty in there. It's an Australian saddle made by Jana Skybova. This was the first time I've seen her work in person and it did not disappoint. What a lovely saddle!
I took lots of resin pictures, too, and will post them later today or tomorrow.


  1. (editting)

    Oooh, your Hazel looks purdy so far! Congrats!

    And that lovely Aussie saddle reminds me I have KeriOkie's book on my shelf. I have got to find time to try making one.

    Can't wait to see the resin pics.

  2. Man, what am I doing there? Honest to gawd that show was SO fun though!!! It was awesome to meet you too finally!!

    If I could stop being so sensitive to the altitudes there I would move out in a heartbeat... ok, well, that and if land was really cheap. ;) No seriously, it feels like a 2nd home even though I've only been out once. Crazy Ladies are not crazy at all - they're a hoot! woohoo! :D