Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saddles and spots

I am a morning person. My productivity tends to peak early and lessens as the day goes on. By dinnertime, I'm done. I almost never work on tack after dinner. By then I'd much rather sit on the couch and read or watch tv...

Yesterday was one of the rare exceptions to that rule. I was so close to having these saddles finished that I decided to press on into the evening hours. I am so glad I did. The saddles look great and now I can spend today working on girths and bridles.
One of these saddles is for sale. If you're interested, please check out my ad here:
The other saddle is for Sheila Anderson Bishop. In exchange, she will be custom painting my Starfire resin. Here are just a few of the reference pictures I'm sending her. This is a pony I saw at a schooling show back in September. I'd love to own this pony but since he's not for sale, I'll have to settle for his miniature counterpart. Enjoy!


  1. Great saddles, as usual Jennifer! And I'm excited to see the finished Sheila piece - her work, esp. her appies, is just stupendous!

    Have fun with the rest of them. I have been told I need to dust today... bleech!

  2. Lovely saddles, can't wait to see the Starfire resin painted :)

  3. The saddles are great :-) I love your color choice for the Starfire! He'll be beautiful!

  4. Fantastic saddles!! :)
    That pony is really pretty, lol I bet you wish she could fit in your purse? haha! I can't wait to see the finished model!! woot!

  5. Cute pony! Did we ever get to see the finished model?