Friday, November 20, 2009

Packing and packing

Tomorrow is the Spooky Turkey 2 Resin and Custom Halter Show to be held at the Boulder Inn in Boulder, Colorado. I have been busy packing my resins and this is the scene in my living room right now. Here's a close up look at some of the my live show essentials. First up is a copy of the classlist with handwritten notes to help me stay organized. There's a tablecloth, a pen, some leg tags and a makeup brush for last minute dust removal. I have a couple tack items I will be delivering at the show. That's Sheila's dressage saddle and Jane's Western saddle (in the box) which was here for repairs. Last but not least, is my on the go measuring kit--some string and a ruler. I always have at least a couple tack orders to fit resins I do not own. At this particular show I will be looking to measure a Stormwatch and a Deputed Duke.
I've been alternating packing boxes with making packing tack. Here's a peek at my workbench.
One of these sawbuck saddles is spoken for, but the other will be offered for sale upon completion. However, if you would like to reserve it now, that can be arranged. Please send me an email at The price will be $250 and will include the saddle, a complete pack harness, two panniers, a halter and a saddle blanket.


  1. I have packed for the show in a 10 ream paper box - 4 trads, 2 minis.

    I think this is someone's way of telling me I need more resins. I would rather get more tack :D

    See ya there!

  2. You should get more of both!

    Ha! Maybe in 2010 when the money trees finally start growing...