Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dexter: New blood

Seth is with his parents in Texas, and Piper is not okay. 

Since he left, she has been anxious, barky, bitey and clingy. Really, really, really clingy.
Yesterday was a too-cold-to-ride day, so I decided to take Piper to the barn with me. She's good with horses, and Olive is good with dogs, so I thought it would be nice having her there while I turned out...
and fed my pony.
I was right. It was nice.
At least until the cat showed up!
This brother and sister pair of black kittens came to the barn last summer and immediately took over.
They are sweet, friendly and highly interactive.
They are the best barn cats we've ever had, and we've had some really good barn cats.
They are also really good hunters. Every day, there's a new mouse corpse in the white barn sitting area. The pigeon population has been decimated, and they've even cleared out all the barn bunnies. There's a reason why we call them Dexter and Lizzie.
Yesterday Dexter turned his attention towards Piper. It was fine - albeit scary - when I was there to protect her, but then I forgot and left her tied up and unprotected for a minute or two.
Poor Piper! She's good with cats and never saw this coming.
I hope Seth is able to come home soon. Piper might not survive without him. 

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