Sunday, January 2, 2022

Let's paint!

Event Information

Founded by Jennifer Buxton in 2017, National Model Painting Month (NaMoPaiMo) is an internet-based art project that takes place during the month of February. Participants are challenged to paint one model horse between 12:00 a.m. February 1 and 11:59 p.m. February 28. This is not a painting contest. The emphasis is on the act of painting itself. Everyone who completes the challenge is a winner. The NaMoPaiMo Facebook page, in conjunction with the Braymere Custom Saddlery blog, provides participants with tutorials, support and motivation throughout the entire process.
The Rules

The goal of NaMoPaiMo is to encourage, empower and educate hobby artists of all skill levels. Participants may use the event in whatever way best suits their needs. That said, there are some rules for people who want to be an official part of NaMoPaiMo.
  • Participants must sign up before midnight on January 31. 
  • Participants must paint one three dimensional model equine. There are no scale or medium requirements, but medallions and models of other animals are not permissible. 
  • Models may be customized, prepped and primed before the start of NaMoPaiMo. However, the entirety of the finishwork must be completed between 12:01 AM February 1 and 11:59 PM February 28. 
  • To complete the challenge, one photo of the finished model must be uploaded to the NaMoPaiMo website using the completion code you received at registration. 

Participants must via our online registration form.
  • The NaMoPaiMo registration period runs from 12:01 AM January 1 through 12:00 AM January 31.
  • One entry per person. Although participants are encouraged to paint as many models as they can during the NaMoPaiMo period, only one model can be their official NaMoPaiMo horse. Please choose carefully. Registration is a commitment, and participants will not be able to change their minds after the fact.
  • Participants are not required to provide their complete address. However, only entries with addresses written in English/Latin characters will be eligible for prizes.
  • The optional initial image should be a a picture of you and your unpainted model. These images will be used for an entrant collage. No photos of just the model, model with pets, etc. This is a community building activity, and we want everyone to be included.
  • This event has an optional $2 entry fee. Please send it to using the Goods and Services option.

This is going to be a prize light year, and I am not accepting any donations at this time.

Facebook Page

Although it is not required, entrants are encouraged to participate on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook groupThis is the best place to share progress photos, ask for advice and support other NaMoPaiMo participants. Some of the Facebook page's content will be re-posted on the Braymere Custom Saddlery blog. Participants who do not want their words or pictures to be shared, must let Jennifer know in advance.

Contact Information
Last year's event was the biggest so far, with one thousand one hundred seventy three entrants and seven hundred thirty completions. Let's make this year's event even bigger and better!

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