Tuesday, January 11, 2022


If I've said it once,
I've said it a million times....
Everyone should start NaMoPaiMo with a fully prepped and primed model!
This includes me, so today Piper and I got in the car and went supply shopping.
Our first stop was Colpar's HobbyTown, which is my local source for Tamiya primer...
and sanding sticks.
It's a well stocked store with lots of interesting things, so before we left, Piper and I made a tour of all the aisles.
We found some Apoxie Sculpt! This was a pleasant surprise since my stash is old and very crusty. 
After Colpar's, we headed over to Michaels.
There, we filled in some of the holes in our painting supplies.
I still need to prep - and pick! - my victim, but at least now, I've got everything I need to get that done. NaMoPaiMo starts in twenty days, and I intend to be ready to paint on day one.


  1. That one IS a really nice Hobby Town!

    I, too, still need to pick a victim 😆

    1. The real bonus is that it's less than five miles from my house.

  2. Can I trade you? I have a Tandy leather in my town...

  3. Hi Jennifer, I am working on a series of basic model horse customising and prepping tutoriales mainly focusing around schleich models (the easiest to get models here) for the model horse club I belong to and I was happy to share them, if you would like to have a look/share them with the NaMoPaiMo community

    1. Oh, I would love to see those. So much of the hobby worldwide is based on Schelichs and the like, but they are really not my area of expertise. It would be nice to have more information about customizing them.

    2. Awesome, I have all the pictures taken and most of them written up, do you have an email I should send them to?

    3. braymere@comcast.net

      Thank you!

  4. OF COURSE you needed to deck out Olive in olive! And what is the point of HAVING a horse if you cannot be a bit ridiculous now and again!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Elizabeth Denning