Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Krista Wasco

Since I started this blog, I've written a lot of memorials. It's a responsibility I take very seriously, and mostly, I think I'm good at it. Every now and then, however, there's a loss for which I just can't find the words. Yesterday, Krista Wasco's family let us know that she had passed away due to complications from rotator cuff surgery. The news was hard to comprehend. How could someone that strong, that fierce and that vibrant just be gone? I have no answers. Our community is less without her in it. Goddess speed, Krista. You were amazing.
Krista and Kirsten Wellman
Krista and Rebecca Shaw
Krista's tack
Fabian Rodriguez and Krista
Krista with Missy and Rebecca Shaw
Krista and family
Krista and Missy Shaw

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  1. No words is right. I know that face, if not the name with the person right away. That spirit.