Saturday, January 29, 2022

Helping hands

About once a week, my friend, Teresa Fedak, comes to the barn and helps me with Olive.

Some times the help is mostly photographic. Other times, I have an actual list of things I want to accomplish.
There were three items on today's agenda: Bike desensitizing,
trying on the new blanket...
and taking my entrant photo for this year's NaMoPaiMo.
Since this year is pretty much all about Olive, I thought it would be fun to include her in the picture.
Olive was cooperative...
but unimpressed.
"You're so weird, Mama."
"We can be weird together."
We tried a couple different poses.
Then I got on her,
and we went through the whole thing again.
"Still weird, Mama."
"Sooooo weird."
I think this one is my favorite...
But really, I like them all.
Thank you for all the help and great photos, Teresa. Olive and I really appreciate you!


  1. That collage!! I think I'd frame it and hang it in my home!

  2. What a gift, to have a photographer friend. We all should be so lucky!