Saturday, January 15, 2022

Two month Oliversary

It's been two months since Olive and I made it official.
Our second month together spanned the Christmas holiday season. I worked a lot of hours, and it got cold and snowy. Despite that, I saw Olive every single day.
Because of the weather, a lot of those days were non-riding days.
I didn't mind much. It turns out that I am perfectly happy watching Olive play in the snow.
When I really had to ride, we ventured up to the indoor ring. That was a little bit exciting, but I'm sure we'll get used to it eventually.
Outdoors, she's doing great. She's green but uncomplicated.
Well, she's uncomplicated under saddle. Olive is very, very sensitive to her environment.
Every new thing is treated as a potential threat.
We've spent two months getting her used to the golf cart. This series of photos was taken a week ago. Today, it drove past her, and all she did was twitch her ear. Progress.
Here she is reacting to JoAnna carrying Ernie's harness. This is Olive's signature spook, with narration by Mary Jo.
It's a slow process, but I just keep getting her out and exposing her to new things. 
Slowly but surely, she's getting braver. 
Happy two month anniversary, Olive. Here's looking forward to many, many more!


  1. My mustang is the exact same way. Riding him, I feel 100% safe, even if he spooks, he always takes me with him. On the ground though he's much more spooky.

    1. I think this is how Olive will be. the two things that really set her off are inanimate objects that move and feeling trapped. I think being led contributes to the latter. She is happier taking me with her than having me anchoring her in place.