Thursday, January 6, 2022

How many likes?

A while back, one of Ryan's work colleagues asked him to collaborate on an art project. Their piece is currently on display at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center in the River North district of Denver. 
It's part of an exhibit called Chromatic Cogitations: Rhythm Reboot.
All of the contributing artists are pictured on a wall by the door.
There's Ryan!
Today, Ryan took Seth and I on a tour of the exhibit.
There was a little bit of everything.
This one included model horses!
Here's Ryan's with his piece.
Everyone who attended the 2019 Jennifer Show knows how much Ryan loves his QR codes.
Here's a little video of Ryan explaining how it all works.
And here's the part he actually worked on.
This was a fun day, and I am so proud of my programmer artist son!


  1. Love the picture of him on the artist wall - such a great picture!

    1. I took that photo in our front yard. It's one of my favorites, too.