Thursday, January 27, 2022

Proof of life photos

We had a big snowstorm on Tuesday. 

Olive is a fat, fuzzy Wyoming mustang. Intellectually, I know she's fine in the snow, but still, I had to put my eyes on her, just to confirm.
She was fine.
It snowed again today. I worked the morning shift, and I didn't have time to see Olive before I left. Fortunately, my friend, Therese, said she'd send proof of life photos. At 10:30, my phone buzzed. It was Therese, sending Karen, Mary Jo and I pictures of Thunder,
and Olive.
Therese said she seemed content, but I was kind of horrified by Olive's photos. She has a shelter, why doesn't she use it?!
The sun was out when I got off of work, so instead of going home, I headed straight to the barn.
Olive still had a few tiny ice cubes clinging to her mane and tail hair.
Other than that, she was warm and dry.
I gave her some food and brushed her while she ate. So warm, soft and shiny!
Before I left, I ducked into the white barn and took proof of life photos for Karen,
Mary Jo...
and Therese.
It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, so probably we'll all be able to make it to the barn to see our ponies. If not, I'm sure there will be a whole new round of proof of life photos.


  1. brrr... It is nice to see that you aren't rugging Olive, People often comment that I am not rugging my welshie mix in winter but whenever I visit him he is always nice and warm so I know deep down he is fine. It must be nice to have so many barn buddies you can count on to make sure your ponies are doing fine.

  2. Love the photo of the ice in Olive mane, I am glad it doesn't snow here.

  3. -7(F) yesterday morning, and up to the bottom of the mailbox in snow at my house. I love that first photo of Olive the best!

  4. Except when it was -30 with wind chills that pushed it to -50 or lower, my horses preferred to be outside. Really, they mainly used their shed as sunblock, on the really hot and sunny days. Which I didn't get, as it was even hotter in there, with no breeze to keep the flies off. lol

  5. It's supposed to be really cold this week. Not -50, but -something, which is really cold to me. I bought her a blanket. She'll probably wear it less than ten nights a year, but I think she'll appreciate it, and I know I'll feel better about her being out in the cold.